Ten Broeck Farm

With Frances Carbonnel

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Saturday and Sunday
May 25-26, 2013
Ten Broeck Farm
1 Old Farm Lane
Pepperell, MA 01463

Come out and see what all the buzz is about! This educational program offers riders insights from a truly seasoned Western Dressage clinician, trainer and member of the WDAA Advisory Board.

Frances will teach two lessons each day on each of the following subjects:

May 25th- Day 1:

May 26th – Day 2:

Schedule may be modified as needed to suit greater interest by participants in particular subject areas.

Riders are encouraged to participate both days and attend the entire two days to audit the other sessions, to learn as much as possible and fully take advantage of this opportunity.

About Frances Carbonnel

A Selection of Accolades:
USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist, many National awards including IALHA Professional Horsewoman of the Year (twice), on the Advisory board of the Western Dressage Association of America since 2010, creator, with Neide Cooley and Cliff Swanson, of the WDAA Train The Trainers Program in 2012.

Style and theory:
Frances Carbonnel is devoted to the vision of harmony between human and equine as manifested in art for art’s sake. That art is the pursuit of beauty, harmony, and balance in the relationship that binds horse and human. Her riding is pure, highlighting the presence of cooperation, gentleness, enlightened leadership and willing acquiescence. Frances is an advocate for the ethical treatment of the horse. She teaches her students in a learning environment that is comfortable and focused, while sighting the importance of a solid seat, understanding of aids, and being conscious of how the horse thinks. Frances demonstrates the art of riding is achievable without force through open communication with the horse and constant awareness of one’s core values. Read More

What is Western Dressage?
(the following excerpt is from the Western Dressage Association of America. Full text can be found HERE

“The Western Dressage discipline is a melding of training methods. Classical Dressage brings the techniques of master European horsemen, techniques that are hundreds of years old and based upon principles which encourage cadence, balance, and carriage. It is technical and it is precise, a rigorous discipline for horse and rider. It is also an art. Western Horsemanship has been practiced on the ranches of the American West since the 1700s and even earlier through the traditions of the Spanish vaqueros. The subsequent advances in Western Horsemanship begun by the Dorrance Brothers and practiced by a new generation of horsemen and women opened the door to the mind of the horse, encouraging patience and understanding. The concept of “lightness” and subtle cues grew from its acceptance. They found that the result was good for both horse and rider.”

About the Western Dressage Association® of America
The Western Dressage Association® of America is a 501(c)3 educational non-profit organization focused on providing a model of horsemanship which optimizes the partnership of horse and rider for their mutual benefit. The mission of the Western Dressage Association® is “to honor the horse, to value the partnership between horse and rider and to celebrate the legacy of the American West” which it focuses on through its offerings of educational opportunities and events to the equestrian community.


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