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Phil Silva Joins Coaching Community on HorseShow.com
Get expert insights and advice to improve your horse’s performance today!

Now you can have direct access to Phil’s nearly 30 years of experience in the horse industry. His reputation makes him an in-demand handler at breed shows, inspections, keurings and FEI jogs.

It’s easier than ever to connect with Phil, regardless of your location or busy schedule. You get his valuable review in just days. HorseShow.com offers a unique platform that provides trainers the opportunity to deliver coaching support…anywhere, anytime.

Submit a video of your horse at home, or use a video from a show where you recently competed, and Phil will deliver voiceover coaching and feedback. You can play, pause and review the commentary and video as many times as you like. All videos are private so only you will have access to them unless you choose to share it with your own trainer or friends. Every evaluation is personalized to your video and Phil’s critique is designed to help you make improvements immediately.

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Aisling Sport Horses, Doreen Kula, Avon, NY
"If you're looking for honest, ACTIONABLE feedback on showing your horse in-hand, you should consider Phil Silva and HorseShow.com!! Not only did Phil do a fantastic job showing our stallion, FESTIVO MR, in-hand in 2012, Phil worked with me regularly, teaching me how to prepare Festivo to go into the show ring with Phil!

The teaching, tools, and tips Phil provided were absolutely invaluable. He has a gift to work with horses and he truly wants to help you do your best with your horse. This is a great opportunity to work with one of the best! Phil and Festivo won the Open Stallion Class at Dressage at Devon Breed Show, Dressage at Devon Reserve Champion Stallion, and GAIG Reserve Grand Champion Stallion - Region 1. He knows what he's doing and has wonderful knowledge that he's happy to share!"


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