Ten Broeck Farm

Prepare Your Horse for Breed Shows and Inspections
2013 Handling Clinics with Phil Silva

Saturday, April 27
Saturday, May 25
Ten Broeck Farm
1 Old Farm Lane
Pepperell, MA 01463
(indoor arena/rain or shine)

$55.00 per session.
D4K participants and 4H save $10 per session.
Auditors welcome!
Parents, spectators, bring the barn and please register in advance: $10.00 per day
Lunch included.

Join Phil Silva and learn the fundamentals of presenting your horse for the judge. A session is 30-minutes, with Q&A from you and auditors encouraged.

Learn to show your horse in hand, train your horse for the triangle and become a more competent, confident handler. The clinics will also demonstrate starting the young horse on the lunge.

Groundwork and Handling is a great way to make some changes to your relationship with your horse. Especially if you are showing on the triangle, it is important that you have control and can correct any bad behavior. What’s just as important is that you can correct your behavior as a handler. Learn how proper handling can bring out the best in your horse. We will work on ways to build confidence, as a two way street and encourage a mutual trust.

The sessions will also introduce the “triangle” and how to enhance your presentation to the judge. Phil shares proven tips and techniques from his experience as a professional handler and nearly 30 years of horsemanship. Please bring your horse so that you can work on specific areas, or, we can provide a horse for your session. Please complete registration form as indicated.

For specific questions contact Phil at 978-877-6635 or email us at tenbroeckfarm@charter.net

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Phil Silva brings nearly 30 years of experience in the horse industry. His fine reputation makes him an in-demand handler at breed shows, inspections, keurings and FEI jogs.

He continues to qualify both stallions and mares in their breed books. Phil has guided several horses to numerous wins at prestigious shows such as Dressage at Devon. Several of the horses he has handled have gone on to win USDF Horse of the Year, including Ada Lente owned by Leah Jamieson and his very own Demimora MG. He excels at starting young horses, and is recognized for his ability to work with challenging horses. Phil’s passion for teaching takes him up and down the East Coast as a traveling clinician. In addition to being a professional sport horse handler, Phil’s “Equine Valet” business transports some of the top competition horses in the country from Maine to Florida every season.


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