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Pam Goodrich, Riders and Horses Shine at Sold Out Clinic

Pam Goodrich has been an instructor and trainer of dressage for more than 30 years. She calls New Hampshire home, but admittedly heads to Florida for the cold winters to maximize her time with horse and rider. So why would anyone leave the balmy sunshine of Florida for Pepperell’s snowy landscape? Well, just ask Pam (despite her glowing tan) and she admits she’ll always be a New Englander at heart. And that’s great news for the sold out crowd of students who anxiously received her knowledge and insights at Ten Broeck Farm. “We are so fortunate to have a trainer who is willing to travel back home to keep her students tuned during the winter months. Pam is dedicated to her clients and the art of dressage,” Orintha Silva.

Pam Goodrich has competed in the World Championships in Toronto, two Olympic Sports Festivals in Europe and throughout the United States. She has studied with Michael Poulin, Herbert Rehbein, Harry Boldt, Gabi Grillo, Kyra Kirkland, and Klaus Balkenhol, to name only a few. She was long and short-listed with the USET and is especially proud of her students who she coached on to compete successfully from training level to Grand Prix, as well as in the Pan American Games, Olympic Sports Festivals, World Cup, World Equestrian Games and Olympics.

The sold out clinic featured 15 horses and riders of all levels; some looking to follow in the footsteps of Pam’s champion students, some looking to improve their own personal best. Ten Broeck Farm hosted riders, horses, auditors and guests for the two-day event on January 12th and 13th. Riders included: Kim Prehl, Julia Hefferan, Regina Davis, Nancy Eason and Orintha Silva from Ten Broeck Farm, also Rhoda Piper, Sharon McCusker, Pam Fleurant, Jenette Boes, Faye Dunn Gerald Hebert, Tracey Olsen, Sarah Flannery, Donna Battis and Gayle Paquin.

Pam not only coached riders but also treated the crowd by working horses in-hand to better prepare them for passage and piaffe. Auditors particularly enjoyed the opportunity to learn the different exercises recommended to assist in complex situations many horse and rider teams needed to address. Pam, riders and horses alike worked hard and when faced with a tough challenge…the auditors cheered and applauded the teams’ success.

Ten Broeck Farm’s relaxed atmosphere is very pleasant and there’s a huge heater in the viewing area. The food was plentiful, footing supreme, and as always, great to have Pam share in warm friendships despite the winter chill. Join us for Pam’s next clinics: February 9 -10 and March 22-23 at Ten Broeck Farm. The weekend promises more of Pam’s expertise and to keep warm…hot cider and a selection of soups for everyone to enjoy. To reserve a ride time or audit, call Orintha at 978-877-6636.

Photos courtesy of Tony DeCosta


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