Ten Broeck Farm

Riders and Auditors Benefit from February’s Pam Goodrich Clinic

Another terrific Pam Goodrich clinic occurred over the weekend of February 24-25. Just as she did last month, Pam flew up from semi-tropical southern Florida and enjoyed another two days of New England weather in deep winter – windy and cold! But, Pam proudly proclaims herself as a “Yankee” and took it all in stride.

Riders, beautiful horses, and hardy auditors (warmed by a very effective and much appreciated infrared heater set up in the viewing area) took advantage of Pam’s knowledge and insight, all punctuated with her signature humor.

Kim Richmond rode Rough Cut, and summarized the effectiveness of the clinics to Orintha and Phil by saying, "Thank you both for once again hosting a great weekend clinic with Pam. You do a lovely job with the facility and making everyone feel very welcome and well cared for. Rough Cut LOVED his big bed this past weekend.

"I look forward to our next weekend. We have lots to work on between now and then. I am so happy to have had this help over the winter. It will make an enormous difference in where we are at come April."

The participants in the clinic were: Nancy Eason, Brittany Lincoln, Orintha Silva, Kim Richmond, Julia Hefferan, Susan Chancy, Cindy Varney, Rhonda Piper, Gayle Paquin, Tracey Amaral, Pam Fleurant, and Donna Battif.

Thanks, Pam. See you again on March 24-25.


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