Ten Broeck Farm

Pam Goodrich visits New England on a breezy, frigid weekend, January 20-21, 2007

Pam Goodrich has competed in the World Championships in Toronto, two Olympic Sports Festivals in Europe and throughout the United States. She has coached students who have competed successfully from training level to Grand Prix including Pan American Games, Olympic Sports Festivals, World Cup, World Equestrian Games and the Olympics.

Her home is in Boscawen, NH where many of her students keep their horses with her for training. But she also has many who trailer in on a weekly basis. In the winter she packs up her barn and some of her clients and heads to Florida where they train and compete on that circuit.

January 20-21 was a memorable weekend. The temperatures were at their coldest of the year, and the wind on Saturday…well…it felt like we were in Holland. But all of Orintha Silva’s students and Pam Goodrich’s students were so grateful to have her back for their winter tune-up.

The riders and horses that attended were: Brittany Lincoln ,who is a working student for Pam and Orintha, with Tai Pan; Nancy Eason and Margalo; Susan Deenik and Pippen; Kim Richmond and Rough Cut; Rhonda Piper and Oxbow; Cynthia Varney and Solange; Sue Chaney and Just Because; Michele Foley and Champ; Donna Battif and Lord; Gail Paquin and Volar; and Orintha with Rocco, Padixa and Tirza. What a crew!!

The weekend would not have been possible without the donation of the use of an infrared heater called “VAL6, sunlight’s warmth to any cold space”. Thank you to Buddy’s Rental of Amherst, NH for their generosity. And also to all the friends at Ten Broeck Farm who brought in food for the weekend. Winnie and Phil are very happy when they are fed.

Please join us for Pam’s next two clinics, February 24-25 and March 17-18. RESERVE YOUR SPACE NOW!

And to everyone who joined us this past weekend...we may not have won to go on to the Super Bowl, but we were all winners in that ring this weekend!! Thank you for being with us.

Please check our website this week for updates and photos of the clinic.


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