Ten Broeck Farm

Ride with Paige Finnegan
Join us for this fabulous clinic!

Paige Finnegan will hold a clinic at Ten Broeck Farm on Saturday, January 28.
To reserve your slot, email Orintha Silva at tenbroeckfarm@charter.net or call 978-877-6636. Don’t miss an exceptional day of riding and learning!

$115 per private lesson
Auditors welcome! $25 per person, full day
Fees include both breakfast and lunch in our heated viewing room.

About Paige Finnegan
Paige trains and teaches out of our facility. She is an international Grand Prix trainer, and is a bronze, silver, and gold medalist. She has two horses at Ten Broeck Farm, both of whom she trained from start to FEI.

Paige is a native New Englander -- she was born in Massachusetts, where she still lives, and is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts. Among her many experiences was a year of working and training in Germany. Her approach to riding and teaching reflects much of the German philosophy. Simply put, “basics are essential”. She says she often draws on her earlier training with her mentor, Gerd Reuter.


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