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Young Horse Clinic with Frenk Jespers a Big Hit!

Frenk Jespers and son, Rick, arrived with Kathy Hickerson at Ten Broeck Farm on Thursday evening, April 12, in the kind of weather we had become accustomed to over the past 4-5 weeks: rainy, snowy, raw and just generally miserable! But, a hearty dinner (thank you, Chef Paul Eason!) hosted by Orintha and Phil for their Dutch guests, NEDA folks, and Ten Broeck Farm colleagues, was a grand way to begin the long weekend. It was clear that we were all going to get along wonderfully. Frenk and Rick are true gentlemen and a delight to work with. What a fine referral by Toine Hoefs!

On Friday, Frenk and Rick went off to a clinic while preparation for the weekend’s event continued at our farm.

Saturday dawned with good weather, and the clinic began with the playing of our national anthem and then the national anthem of The Netherlands. Before the first young horses were presented, Frenk gave a dissertation on what judges look for, using Alexia Rosoff’s Andalusian gelding, Zuri, as his “model”. As each horse was then brought in, Frenk critiqued it which, with the help of our sound system, everyone in the audience could also hear. At the conclusion of each critique, the audience was encouraged to ask Frenk questions. This was definitely a learning clinic for everyone concerned.

In the afternoons, Frenk conducted dressage classes, and several riders were fortunate enough to soak up his classical instruction.

Saturday evening found 25 lucky people sharing cocktails and a sumptuous Italian dinner with Frenk and Rick at the home of Ten Broeck Farm’s Alexia Rosoff.

The Sunday schedule found Frenk judging once again and instructing the final five dressage riders in the afternoon. Over the course of the two days, Frenk saw a fine array of yearlings, fillies, colts, two- and three-year-olds, and stallions.

The conclusion of the clinic was perfectly timed as the latest nor’easter began sweeping in with every variety of precipitation possible (thanks to working students Shannon and Kelsey for cleaning off windshields for our departing participants).

After Kathy Hickerson presented Frenk and Rick with NEDA mementos, Frenk said that while he and Rick were with us at Ten Broeck Farm, they felt like they were “at home”. What a delight these two gentlemen were, and we look forward to having them here again. Thank you, Frenk and Rick!

We would like to heartily thank the all-important sponsors of this clinic, who were so much a part of making this a successful event! They were:

Order a DVD of this Clinic: the entire clinic was videotaped by Alexia Rosoff. If you would like a DVD – the cost is $35 – please send a check to: Orintha Silva, 1 Old Farm Lane, Pepperell, MA 01463.

A Special Thanks: Ten Broeck Farm would like to especially thank the following people who gave so willingly of their time and energy for this clinic:

And The TBF Ladies Auxiliary –

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Phil and Gary hanging flags from arena beams. The day before.  Everything's ready. Frenk discusses how to assess conformation before the day's judging begins. Horses began to arrive, and the courtyard was busy! The registration ladies:  (l to r) Julia Hefferan, Nancy Rosenberger, and Kristen Beard. Kathy Hickerson, Frenk Jespers, and Rick Jespers. Frenk takes a question from the audience. Donnersohn, a 7-year-old Hanoverian stallion owned by Leslie Peik


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