Ten Broeck Farm

Our Trip to Holland

On March 28, Orintha and three colleagues returned from Holland. They visited more than 15 farms, looked at many fine horses, and met some wonderful people. Orintha spent a good portion of each day in the saddle on many horses. The result? “Nike” is a wonderful liver chestnut Dutch Warmblood gelding, currently showing at 3rd level, who arrived in Pepperell to his new owners on May 8.

“Tiara” is a beautiful 6-year-old Rhinelander mare working at 3rd level. She is for sale, so be sure to look at her on our For Sale page!

The Holland experience was very successful. If you are interested in purchasing a horse in Europe, please contact us for our next trip.

Traditional Dutch windmills made a nice backdrop for Orintha and this prospective horse


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