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Frenk Jespers Sold Out Success at Ten Broeck Farm

The following article was published in the July 2009 issue of Horsemen’s Yankee Pedlar
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Kristine Holloran

“I like it! Keep this activity,” echoed throughout the indoor during Frenk Jespers recent visit to Ten Broeck Farm in Pepperell, MA. Frenk knows what he likes …and was, of course, complimenting the horse and rider teams on their performance. The local equestrian community, however, is glad it also refers to his annual visit. It seems Frenk likes to keep his clinic activity accessible in New England. The NEDA (New England Dressage Association) sponsored event has become an anticipated tradition when international icon Frenk Jespers and son Rick come to the states.

Phil and Orintha Silva once again hosted the sold out three-day riding and confirmation clinic on April 24 through the 26th. This year’s event included 45 rides and 13 participants for in-hand confirmation. According to Orintha, “It’s a great honor when Frenk visits from the Netherlands; he shares insights and wisdom with everyone. He is not concerned with what level you are or your horse is at, just that you learn.” And, when you do, you’ll hear his unmistakable praise, "This is good. Yes...yes...yes!"

After serving nine years as a member of the Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands (KWPN) Stallion Selection Committee, Frenk now focuses more on training. He is well known throughout Europe as an accomplished rider, trainer, breeder and judge. Frenk is a KWPN judge, trainer and coach to Grand Prix rider Kirsten Beckers (who rides the approved KWPN stallion Jazz) and he also coaches the Turkish Olympic team.

Phil, co-owner of Ten Broeck Farm and professional handler, adds that Frenk delivers a rare opportunity to learn from years of true international experience. “The clinic is always interactive and auditors are encouraged to participate as Frenk discusses the conformation and movement of each horse.” The in-hand sessions were extremely educational and helped everyone understand what’s important to a judge. Phil, as well as owners, ran horses on the triangle while Frenk evaluated the horse using the KWPN linear scoring and explained the process in great detail.

Riders and auditors agreed that Frenk and Rick, who is now in the business full time, were both extremely approachable. And, Frenk’s profound patience as a clinician was admired by all--horse, rider and auditor alike. The quiet, calming style has become a trademark of this master. He has been recognized for having a gentle approach and a very relaxing tone. According to Jespers, the softer style helps horses stay healthy and relaxed…and you can still get results. And, the “results”, according to the riders were truly inspiring. After each ride, they were equipped with knowledge of their unique situation and feedback on how to improve.

Colleen O’Conner-Dzik of Majestic Gaits Farm calls Frenk “a great joy and pleasure to work with on all accounts” she only wishes that she could work with him more. She continues, “I can't put into words how important Frenk has been to my training over the past few years, not only with Navarone, who is working at the Grand Prix level, but with the young ones as well. I’ve known many horses, as well as myself [she smiles], who respond well to his training and his demeanor…and are always happy in their work!”

Majestic Gaits Farm has had horses in every clinic Frenk Jespers has had at Ten Broeck according to owner Kathy Hickerson. She adds, “It is such a fantastic opportunity to ride with him. We see such an improvement in the horses in their suppleness and use of their back. Frenk encourages you to take time with the horse, which is what we like. Colleen has achieved such great success with our stallion VDL Navarone, in part due to her training with Frenk Jespers.”

Marcia Donaldson of New Hampshire rode her Variant x Kompromis gelding “Nike”. She sums up the experience, “Having had a lesson with Frenk, it is even clearer that everything people say about him is absolutely true. He is incredibly observant, patient, soft-spoken and so aware of what is going on between horse and rider.” Others added that Frenk was a “wealth of knowledge” and an “extremely personable” clinician, a “thoughtful and insightful instructor”, “very effective in his teaching as the results proved.”

The weekend activities included an evening reception hosted by Sue and Dave Clark who opened their beautiful home and gave everyone the opportunity to talk to Frenk one-on-one. It was an inviting and relaxing atmosphere where Frenk shared exciting information about his training facility in Holland. Colleen admitted that she is counting the days until Frenk’s return, “He is consistently an advocate for the horse first and does an exemplary job in explaining how to achieve the best results for each individual, as they are all so different.” She was happy to learn that plans are in the works for a 2010 event.

The crowd was abuzz with compliments, from the facilities to the hospitality--touting the Silvas as “gracious and fantastic hosts with a beautiful farm”; “an indoor with amazing footing”; “the clinic was superbly run and managed, first class”; “worth participating at any level”. The event also featured a state of the art sound system and a newly remodeled viewing room.

The Silvas are thrilled with the positive feedback and extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the Clinic. “We were graced with a group of fabulous riders, beautiful horses and a great group of auditors. And, a special ‘thank you’ to NEDA for making this event possible with their continued commitment to education and development.” Ten Broeck Farm is dedicated to events that feature renowned trainers and judges as well as shows and schooling to help further the goals of the local equestrian community.

The Frenk Jesper Event sponsors included NEDA, Silver Sponsor Renee Isler, Kathy Hickerson, Farm Sponsored Nutrena, Dover Saddlery, The Portable Pantry, Chef on Wheels, Corinthian Insurance, The Tack Shack and Equine Reflections. The event’s success was also attributed to tremendous teamwork, terrific interns, a complimentary scrumptious spread organized by the Ten Broeck Farm Auxiliary, event volunteers, NEDA Photographer Carole MacDonald and program design by Debbie Malcomson.

Ten Broeck Farm is a 14 acre equestrian center specializing in the art of dressage. Owner/Trainer Orintha Silva shares more than 35 years of equine experience and is currently accepting new clients with available stalls. She works with both Warmbloods and Lusitanos offering lessons, training and coaching. Services also include professional handling for breed shows/inspections, equine valet and international horse sourcing. Visit www.tenbroeckfarm.net for the latest clinic and show schedule. Ten Broeck Farm, 1 Old Farm Lane, Pepperell, MA 01463, 978-877-6636.

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