Ten Broeck Farm

Ten Broeck Farm welcomes the Young Breeders Educational Program June Qualifier for the Dressage4Kids' Youth Dressage Festival

Dr. Christian Schacht and Phil Silva
June 19, 2011
8 a.m. start
Fee: $110 per person and includes lunch

This session is the last qualifier for Conformation and Handlers Classes at Lendon Gray’s Youth Dressage Festival scheduled for July 8-10 in Saugerties, NY. Lendon’s Youth Dressage Festival is the flagship event of Dressage4Kids, Inc. For the first time, this year’s thirteenth annual event will include a Sport Horse Handling and Judging competition. Complete details at www.youthdressagefestival.com

The June 19th program begins with a morning session to discuss conformation and scoring with Dr. Christian Schacht, then proceeds to working on the triangle with Phil Silva and concludes with free jumping.

Silva is a professional handler and clinician who has been working with horses
for 25 years. He is well known for his impeccable ground work at shows
and inspections from New England to Florida.

Dr. Christian Schacht, a prominent German veterinarian, breeder, trainer and riding instructor who also holds the prestigious position of Breeding Director for the International Sporthorse Registry. Dr. Schacht has published 7 books, his most recent being about Conformation. He uses his profound expertise in Germany as a licensed dressage and jumping judge.

The in-hand class on the triangle will be judged on the handler and the whip
handler, how they present the horse or pony and how they work together as a
team. The overall purpose of the in-hand discipline is to present the horse in a
way that makes the horse look and act in the best possible way both standing still and moving. The handler is also judged on their ability to act discreetly while producing the best performance from the horse. Specifications for the Handlers class can be found at

The Judging competition class will be scored on how closely the competitor’s scores come to the scores of the appointed judge. Participants will join our appointed judge at the triangle, the Judge will evaluate one horse and the marks will be told to all
competitors, as an example of how the subsequent horses will be scored. Three horses (participants do not furnish the entries) will be brought out and judged privately by the judge and the competitors on a 1 – 10 scale as in the regular dressage tests.

Launched in 2010, The Young Breeders Sport Horse Educational program is making strides to groom equine enthusiasts for the exciting world of sport horses. Backed by the well respected and renowned Dressage4Kids (D4K) organization, The Young Breeders Sporthorse Education Program sets out to nurture a community of well informed, competent and educated youth. Ideally this group would be groomed for selection by a World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses member Breed Registry who would like to form a team to represent the United States in the International Young Breeders World Championships.

Committee Members:
Lendon Gray, graydressage@optonline.net
Phil and Orintha Silva, tenbroeckfarm@charter.net
Marie Banks, bnks19@optonline.net
Alice Peterson avp200@optonline.net
Britta Johnston, Brittajohnston@aol.com
Noreen Duffy-Granbery, duffyproductions@comcast.net
Rick Schofield, sentinelsporthorses@yahoo.com


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