Ten Broeck Farm

Ten Broeck Farm Welcomes Dr. Christian Schacht 2013 Midweek Clinic Series
Dressage, Jumping, Handling and Conformation Sessions New England Dressage Association Educational Outreach Program

April 24-25, 2013 (Wednesday & Thursday)
October 22-23. 2013 (Tuesday & Wednesday)
November 19-20, 2013 (Tuesday & Wednesday)

Dressage/Jumping lessons: $150.00 each
Conformation and Handling sessions: $150.00 each
$25.00 per day
$15.00 for NEDA Members (save $10.00 per day)
4H members under age 18- no charge

Dr. Christian Schacht’s background includes breeding European sporthorses, judging at the highest national levels of competition, and showing in the disciplines of eventing, dressage and show jumping up to Prix St. George and 1.40m classes. He is a veterinarian, FN certified riding instructor and FN certified breeding and horse management expert (two master degrees).

Since 2006, he has been the Breeding Director for the International Sporthorse Registry Oldenburg North America. He teaches equine sciences at eh University Virginia Tech. in Germany, he is known as a subject specialist, referenced book author and presenter for riding competitions and breeding show. He is an international jumping judge and expert for breeding, equestrian sports and equine maintenance. He continues to ride and train riders from beginners to the highest levels.

Join us for his unique perspective and an extraordinary opportunity to train with Dr. Christian Schacht.

Giving Your Horse A Quality Training Is Giving Your Horse A Quality Life
Finding the Right Job For Your Horse

Sport Horse Conformation: Evaluating Athletic Potential in Dressage, Jumping and Eventing Prospects

This book has been commended for detailed explanations and extensive use of practical photos as well as illustrations—together--Schacht conveys a new and easy-to-use system for evaluating the conformation of the sport horse. The writing summarizes the foundation Schacht also uses for much of his teachings, he explains, “Our number one goal should be to train a horse for soundness. The horse’s conformation reveals a lot about the discipline for which it is best suited; therefore we should use a horse’s strengths and weaknesses to correctly determine the proper training and fitness regimens.”

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