Ten Broeck Farm

Ten Broeck Farm welcomes Dr. Christian Schacht with Phil Silva
December 3, 4 and 5th for dressage, jumping, handling and conformation sessions

Dr. Christian Schacht is well known literally around the world. He has led rankings for several years in both Dressage and Combination in student rider divisions, including two German championships. He is an excellent lecturer and instructor who appeals to equestrians of all ages and disciplines.

Christian, who now resides in Georgia, is also a prominent speaker and author. His judging license is for the highest national levels of competition. He received his Doctor of Veterinary medicine in1993 and holds three Masters Degrees in equine disciplines. He uses his profound expertise as a licensed dressage and jumping judge.

Join us for his unique perspective and an extraordinary opportunity to train with Dr. Christian Schacht.

Phil Silva is a professional handler, who is well known along the entire East Coast for his expertise in ground work. He brings more than 20 years of equine experience to every relationship and has a profound ability to connect with each and every horse.

Dressage/Jumping lessons: $150.00 each

Phil joins Christian for conformation and handling sessions: $150.00 each


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