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6-Month "GoPass" Available in FL

GlobalVetLink (GVL®), introduces a six-month electronic health certificate that may be a substitute for the existing paper-based, 30 day Official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (OCVI) health certificate. GlobalVetLink is the innovator of the national, standardized method for secure, web-based animal health certification, and is excited to launch the GoPass®, passport system for horses in Florida.

Veterinarians in the state of Florida are approved to issue GoPass certificates for horses entering Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. The horses can travel to all 12 states, plus Florida on one GoPass. The user-friendly, point and click functionality of creating an electronic GoPass certificate makes it a more efficient method than the traditional hand-written, 30-day certificates.

Florida GoPass Guidelines:

The GoPass Certificates are submitted to the State Veterinarian’s office for their approval and made available to the veterinarians after they are electronically signed by a State Animal Health Official.

Owners will log their itineraries through a new owner site – MyVetLink.com, where they can also access their GVL EIA certificates.

If you are a current subscriber to GlobalVetLink, you already have access to the GoPass certificate and will find the GoPass option on your list of available certificates. If you are not currently a GVL subscriber and would like more information on the GoPass or any other service GlobalVetLink has to offer, including electronic EIA’s, Official Certificates of Veterinary Inspection, For Sale certificates, Electronic Veterinary Feed Directives or MyVetLink.com, do not hesitate to call 515-296-0861 or visit our website at www.globalvetlink.com.

MyVetLink.com Premiers Online

GlobalVetLink (GVL®), the leader in electronic health and Coggins (EIA) documents, is excited to announce the release of their new sister-site, MyVetLink.com. MyVetLink.com is a website geared toward the horse owner, allowing them to print off their own digital Coggins certificates. The launch of GlobalVetLink’s secure, electronic signatures, made it possible to allow owners to create an account for retrieving their Coggins certificates and soon, their health certificates online.

The system is win-win for both the owners and veterinarians. The horse owners now have their Coggins certificates at their fingertips, while it saves the veterinarians time, paper, ink and postage. Access to an owner login account is at the issuing veterinarian’s discretion. Meredith van Benthuysen, GlobalVetLink’s Director of Sales and Marketing and horse owner herself says: “This free online system will give owners instant access to the documents they need for travel, exhibition and sales.” “Traveling with digital health documents heases my worries when heading out on the road, as I know they can be accessed from anywhere I can get on the internet,” stated Karen Stopek of Stopek Stables in Adel, Iowa.

GlobalVetLink strives to increase efficiency in the regulatory paper process and feels the addition of the owner login is a logical step in that process. Currently owners can access their Coggins and GoPass (electronic equine passport) certificates and log their GoPass itineraries. The addition of health certificate availability will come later in 2009. To learn more about GlobalVetLink’s electronic EIA and health certificates go to www.myvetlink.com. Use the “Find-A-Vet” tool to locate a veterinarian in your area who subscribes to the GVL service.
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